Upcoming Sermons

Worship Schedule
9:00 AM Informal Service
10:00 AM Sunday School
11:00 AM Liturgical Service

Ann & Frank Aichinger preaching.

October 1 - 22
Sermon series:  Highlights from the Gospel of Matthew

 Special Sunday Schedule
Sunday, October 29
9:00 to 10 AM Brunch & Fellowship
10:00 AM Stewardship Presentation
11:00 AM Unity Worship in the Sanctuary






Sermon Videos


Videos of church services are now available online!  They're the next best thing to being there in person.


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Commitment To Serve, 2017


Thank you for your willingness to use your God-given talents to support our church, the Lord, and each other.  Please complete and submit the form below so we will know how best to involve you and make use of your talents and interests.  Thank you!

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