Child Care

The last line of the hymn Child of Blessing, Child or Promise is “grow to laugh and sing and worship, trust and love God more than all.”  We sing that song in worship but those words describe our philosophy regarding the care of children.


Central provides a nursery for children newborn to 2 years of age that is staffed by two professional childcare providers that are CPR and first aid certified.  Parents are requested to sign their child into the nursery and are issued a beeper.  The nursery is available for child care for 9:00 worship, 10:00 Sunday school, & 11:00 o’clock worship (10:00 a.m. worship in the summer).  Age appropriate toys and a staff that enjoy playing with little ones create an atmosphere of love and trust from which these little ones will build their faith.


Two year olds are busy exploring their world and keep our two care givers on their toes!  Sunday mornings they enjoy their very own classroom with age appropriate curriculum and activities for 10:00 Sunday school and 11:00 o’clock worship (10:00 a.m. worship for June/July/August).


Preschoolers and kindergarten age children are invited to participate in a children’s worship time during the 11:00 o’clock service and are dismissed to explore aspects of worship.  In the summer months, for either style services, the children go to Room 215 for Children's Church during the sermon then return to sit with their family.