Who We Are

 Our Mission


Loving God with mind, heart, and hands, we are servants of God called to love God and love others by living the example of Jesus Christ through serving the community and the world.


We Believe


·     Jesus Christ is the center of the Church

        ·     Everyone is a child of God

        ·     We are inclusive: teaching tolerance, non-violence, and peace making


        ·     God calls us to be responsible stewards of our finances, time, talents, and environment.

        ·     Taking action on Christ’s teachings is essential to spiritual growth.

        ·     The church’s purpose is to celebrate God’s word to all through preaching and teaching and local and global service and missions.

        ·     Scripture is the framework of our faith.

       ·     Worship is based on praise, prayer, confession, and the preaching of the Word.

       ·     Music is an important way of communicating faith.

       ·     It is our obligation to reach, instruct, empower, and nurture children and youth.

       ·     Prayer is vital to the life of the church and the individual.

       ·     A more diverse membership leads to a more diverse ministry.

       ·     A strong church requires everyone’s participation.

       ·     Creating partnerships is a way to share our vision, goals, and values.

       ·     In strong programs of caring and visitation.

       ·     In the value of support groups.