Nursery and Preschool


 Age Range:  Infant to 30 months

Our nursery and toddler rooms are ready for your child!  Sunday mornings the nursery and toddler rooms are staffed with loving and caring teachers who are childcare professionals.  Parents may leave their children in the care of the staff while they attend classes and/or worship.  Please make sure that you pack a diaper bag with diapers, change of clothes, treasures (special blanket or pacifier), and any snacks that your child might need in your absence.  We look forward to sharing God's love as we care for your child!

Playin', Prayin', and Learnin'

Age Range:  31 months to 5 years of age

Preschoolers learn through play, repetition, and their senses.  They hear God's Word, they see pictures that help them visualize the biblical places and people, they use their hands to play, they use their voices to wonder and pray, and sometimes their noses get a workout too!  A bible story gives foundation to our Sunday morning class that allows children to play, pray, hear, and grow!