Parish Nurse


Barbara or Thais will be at the church and available for checking blood pressures, checking wounds, answering medication questions, or whatever else may be of help to you from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon on Thursday each week until further notice. The Parish Nurse Office is in Room 106, come see us.


Your Parish Nurses, Barbara Mann, RN and Thais Sikora, RN



Parish Nurse Program

The purpose of the Parish Nurse Program is to help people in our congregation and our friends reach their optimal level of health in mind, body and spirit.


The Church has always been a sign of hope and healing, the place people turn to in time of need.  To assist our church in keeping people well, Wellmont Health System created the Parish Nurse Program.

Central Presbyterian Church currently has two Registered Nurses, certified by Wellmont to serve this congregation.  They are Barbara Mann, RN, PN and Thais Sikora, RN, PN.  They understand the healing mission of the church, accept the holistic concept of care, and promote wellness and prevention of illness within the congregation and the community as we journey to health of mind, body and spirit.

The Parish Nurse promotes holistic wellness by

  • Visitation of church members in their homes, hospital and nursing homes
  • Assists congregation members in identifying their health needs through consultation
  • Counsels members of health related issues
  • Serves as a resource person, referring to community resources and assists in obtaining needed services
  • Coordinating health education classes on a variety of subjects
  • Assists with doctor visits and follow up
  • Provide education by making printed materials available

Either of your Parish Nurses may be reached through the church office.  We are here to be of service to you.