At Central, we consider the two great mandates of the Gospel to be the Great Commandment (love of God and love of neighbor) and the Great Commission (Go and make disciples of all nations). These imperatives shape who we are and what we do by bringing life and breath, hands and feet to Christian faith and practice. They are the core of what we strive to be and do at Central. Through financial giving and hands-on service, Central seeks to address the needs of our community and the world by living out Jesus’ ethics of peace and justice, mercy and love, hope and compassion. Central’s mission opportunities allow us to serve in gratitude and to learn and grow from the experience of worshiping, working and witnessing alongside committed Christians with whom we partner, be it up the street or across the ocean.

As witnesses to the goodness of God, Central’s volunteers are blessed as much as they give. Through the church’s many mission events and activities, volunteers are able to model Christ-likeness by feeding and caring for the widow, the orphan and the alien. There is great joy in serving those in need and a sense of fulfillment in knowing one is walking in the footsteps of the Savior, extending His love and compassion to the world.