Soup Kitchen

The United Company Charitable Foundation operates the Soup Kitchen five days a week year round.  They have four employees who make the soup and area churches provide volunteers to help package the soup.  Each church signs up for a month with February being Central’s month.  After packaging the soup is then delivered to anyone, living in Virgina, who signs up-elderly, disabled, or unable to prepare lunch for themselves.  There are two volunteers needed for each day and it only takes from 8:30 AM till 10 AM. 


The declining economy has taken a toll on the people of our region.  The Soup Kitchen program serves up to  1050.  The four employees that cook also do the deliveries.  They deliver a bowl of soup, crackers and a pint of milk to each recipient.  One of the workers shared with us that they only travel about nine miles in the delivery.  That means that there are over 1,000 people who need daily food assistance within just nine miles of our church.