Back Pack Mission

The following information is provided for you to better understand what we do, what we pack, and the approximate cost of our Mission. We are currently packing 32 bags of nutritional items each week for two elementary schools, Washington-Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Our committee does this on Thursday mornings at 9:30, and delivers them to the schools for their week-end enjoyment. The approximate cost of each bag is $7 - $8.00; 32 bags = $256 each week for the school year. The Congregation has been very generous, and with the following guideline of what we pack, we hope that your donations will continue. We will, in addition to this list, mention in Central Life the items that we may be low on that will help in your shopping for us. Items listed, with quantity put in each bag, are:

Saltine Crackers - 1 sleeve every third week
Peanut Butter - 16-18 oz jar every third week
Box of Pasta (like tuna helper) every third week
Can of tuna/chicken (5 oz) every third week
Can of soup with sleeve of crackers every third week

WEEKLY: - (individual servings)
Applesauce - 1 ea
Fruit cups - 1 ea
Pudding cups - 1 ea
Raisins - 1 sm box ea
Instant Breakfast - 1 envelope
Individual Pasta - Ramen Noodles, or individual mac & cheese - 1 ea
Beanie Wienies - 1 can
Vienna Sausages - 1 can
Breakfast cereal, individual boxes (2 ea) or one cereal/one instant oatmeal in winter
Minute Maid individual box drinks (real fruit juice) - 1 ea
Crystal Lite Dry Drink sticks (mix with water) - 1 ea
Cereal Bars - 2 ea
Snack Crackers (ones with Peanut Butter or cheese are good) - 2 ea
Fruit snacks - 1 small package ea
Cracker Jacks - 1 individual bag ea
Potato Chips - 1 individual sm bag ea

Thank you, from the Back Pack Committee