Carpenters for Christ

Though our Carpenters for Christ program has seen great success, at this time we will not be accepting any new applications for assistance. 

We believe that Jesus has directed us to help and care for our neighbors. We also believe that all God’s people should have decent living conditions that are warm, safe, and dry. As a result, Central has developed a new mission/outreach ministry called Carpenters for Christ. Central’s Carpenters for Christ is a volunteer ministry of Central Presbyterian Church that seeks to assist folks both in the congregation and in the community with home repair projects. Carpenters for Christ helps those who:

  • Cannot afford material cost
  • Cannot afford the cost of labor and/or are unable to do the work themselves due to age, disability, or insufficient skill

If you would like to request help with your home repair project, please click on the Home Repair Application in the Compassion menu.

If you would like to sign-up as a Carpenters for Christ Volunteer, please click on the Volunteer Sign-up Form in the Compassion menu.

Please note: All projects are subject to a consultation with the home owner, review, and approval by Carpenters for Christ before work begins.