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Upcoming Events


Want to find out more about Central?

Have you come forever, but never made a commitment?

Do you want to know what a Presbyterian is?

We will have a class to help explore what it means to be a member of Central and a Presbyterian. Anyone who is interested is invited to attend.

SUNDAY, MAY 6, AT 4:00 pm

We will have childcare, if requested. If you are interested but cannot attend, talk with one of the Co-Pastors






Night Activities

5:30 pm supper
6:00 pm program

High School Youth have fellowship & dialogue time.
Children (age 3- 8th grade) have recreation & lesson time at 6:00 followed by Children's Choir at 6:30. 
Nursery available for under age 3

Everyone welcome.
Donation for supper is $5.00
with a $15.00 maximum per family.

 April 25: Build a Timeline of the Bible
Menu: Taco Bar, Fruit, Salad Bar, Brownies

May 2: How to Study the Bible
Menu: Chicken Pot Pie

May 9: All Church Talent Show
Menu: TBD

May 16: What Bible Should You Use?
Menu: TBD

May 23: Cookout
Menu: TBD