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RESULTS of the...
Souper Bowl of Caring Food Collection Challenge 

for the month of January

This competition between the 9 and 11 worship services will benefit the Bristol Emergency Food Pantry. 

 Winner of the competition -
the 9:00 AM worship folks!

Finally Tally is:
9:00 AM - 1098 food items and $1243.82
11:00 AM - 981 food items and $862.73
TOTAL:  2079 food items and $2106.55
The real winner is the Bristol Emergency Food Pantry!

Be sure to continue to bring food items and/or monetary gifts for the Bristol Emergency Food Pantry as one of our on-going outreach projects.





Night Activities

5:30 pm supper
6:00 pm program

High School Youth have fellowship & dialogue time.
Children (age 3- 8th grade) have recreation & lesson time at 6:00 followed by Children's Choir at 6:30. 
Nursery available for under age 3

Everyone welcome.
Donation for supper is $5.00
with a $15.00 maximum per family.

 During Lent we will have a series on "The Renegade Gospel" from Michael Slaughter.

Feb. 28:  Revolutionary Lifestyle
Menu:  Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Rolls, Salad Bar

Mar. 7:  The Most Important Question You Will EVer Have to Answer

Mar. 14:  Seeing Jesus Today

Mar. 21:  The Way of the Cross

Mar. 18:  Resurrection